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What users of our software say...

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Laker Energy Products Ltd.
We just purchased 2 seats of the Editor product (EditCNC). We find it to be a superior editor that fits our needs well. A big improvement over other editors, Thanks!

Mac Rathwell

Praise... As a traveling service tech within the CNC industry for many years, I have used many DNC softwares ($$) over the years to upload/download parameters for the Fanuc 6M, 0P-B, 0P-C controls and I must say that I was very impressed with the simplicity (and the price) of your ConnectCNC software.
After installing a simple USB/RS232 driver onto my Windows 10 laptop, the ease of flow was great. I have many customers that would/will have great interest in your product and I will solicit it with pride. Thank you again....

Jeff Frederickson

Hind Musical Instruments
EditCNC is loaded with features that I use every day, and it is very reasonably priced.
I do a lot of manual editing of my files, and this program has been an invaluable addition to my CNC work. Designating a different color for each axis makes it easy to find lines of code. With EditCNC it is possible to shift any axis by any distance. Not only is this useful for tweaking areas of a file, it allows me to copy and offset whole segments of code to create copies of cuts without going back to the CAM software.
I also use this feature to make fine Z adjustments for critical areas of instruments. The list of ways this software makes my life easier goes on and on. The bottom line is that EditCNC is one program I don't want to live without.

Charlie Hind

Jas Enterprise
Thanks for your fast response, I really think that your software (EditCNC) is among the best out there. I had the opportunity to try others and found them very limited. I wish you continuing success.

Jim Szewczyk

Highway Inspector
Thank you so much (for the new activation code for Machinist's Calculator). I tried to paste it into the original demo that I transferred from my old machine but got an error, so I went to your site and downloaded a new demo then activated it; works good.
Looks a little nicer than the old one...don’t know if you made improvements or it just looks better on this computer, at any rate THANK YOU. This is a big help on my job as a highway project inspector. I use mainly the triangle, cord, and polygon calcs.
I use the right angle and oblique trigonometry functions when I need to find the area of triangles. I can field measure 3 sides of an oblique triangle and enter them into the machinist calculator... times the depth and can easily calculate yd³.
Or I may have the skew angle of an abutment and a measurement of one side given in the plans, using the right angle triangle calculator I can quickly calculate the area or calculate the other side measurements or the other angles if I need them.
I can use the cord function to double check curb length (arc length) at intersections with 90 degree angles and a radius taken off the plan.
I mostly use the triangle calculations, your calculator is very handy for that purpose and it is worth the cost.

Steve Brewer
Phone number withheld.

Warner Tool Products

I like your product (Machinist's Calculator) and found it to work well on the speed & feeds for my CNC use. This is the 2nd copy I’ve purchased and it is going into my laptop to use at the CNC in the shop. Thanks much.
I have version 6.2.11 on my desk top, and on the new download (v6.7.1) on the laptop the Show Materials List has way more material types.
I’ve tried other ones on the internet but they didn’t impress me like yours. This new version is even sweeter! Thanks.

Jeff Hoogheem
Phone: 320-765-2268

American Gear and Supply Company

Dear Sirs ~ thank ya thank ya thank ya vera much!
The code works great! Love your product! I have enough trouble figuring out how to hold some of the parts I have to run on the HBM in this job shop without worrying about trigging out bolt patterns, angles and such!
You can mention that I am using your Machinists Calculator and running those gears in the C.N.C. mill department at American Gear and Supply Company in Houston Texas if you like.
Thanks again for the quick replies and solution to my problem!
Ron Ruth
American Gear & Supply Co., Inc.
Phone: 281-252-9872
Gear setup 1 Gear setup 1 Gear setup 1

JP Machine & Tool Co.

As you know we have been using your software since our first CNC went on the floor (2000). Since then a handful of other companies have tried to get us to use their editors claiming to reach to the stars and back, rest assured they cant even get off the ground. However, what I am most impressed with, and is the reason for this testimonial, is the service and support I received when our company purchased new P.C.'s. Our old computers were so far outdated we could not transfer certain software directly to the new hard drives. Imagine the horror, When I picked up the phone, you had a solution for us within the hour and I was back up with "EditCNC" with a few additional perks. Thank You for making us feel like we were your only customer that day.
Patrick Berry
JP Machine & Tool Co.
Phone: 405-677-3341
Fax: 405-667-5826

Laveen Machine and Engineering Inc.

We've been using the demo version of your EditCNC program for the past 26 days. I'm a former CNC programmer and I'm currently a software and controls engineer. As such, I must tell you that I'm impressed with your program. You have achieved the necessary balance of simplicity and robustness required for CNC program editing. Your program is easy to install, and use. We were up and running in minutes, encountered no problems in use, and continue to gain respect for whom-so-ever designed this package. If I had to rate this software I'd give it 10 out of 10 points. Excellent Job!!
Lee L. Wencl
Controls / Design Engineer
Special Machine R&D Laboratory
Laveen Machine and Engineering Inc.
Phone 952-895-9500
Fax 952-895-0534

DePuy Inc
I am glad to hear about the new upgrade. We are very pleased with EDIT CNC and you have our permission to list us on your website. Thanks again.
Tracy Brookins
Manufacturing Engineer
Ph: 219-372-7350
Fax: 219-372-7086
Cutting Edge Technical Services

Hi Harry,
Please feel free to name Cutting Edge Technical Services in your web site promotion - 'I would highly recommend the product and faultless service that you provided.'
Very impressed with editor-first job was to convert a pile of programs from inches to millimetres. It's more than paid for itself already. Best of luck with development.
best regards
Brian Donald
Cutting Edge Technical Services
31 Aquithie Lane, Kemnay, Aberdeenshire, AB51 5GB
Tel/Fax: +44 (0)1467 643210
Hansen Industries Ltd

We received our EditCNC and are very happy with it.
Gordon Henderson
CNC Dept.
Hansen Industries Ltd
2871 Olafson Ave, Richmond, BC
Tel(604) 278 2223
PROduction CAD

Received your disc yesterday. It's a great CNC text editor.
The only addition I would like to see so far is to enable the "Home" & "End" keys on the keyboard to get to the end and the beginning of the program. Some of the code I write is a few Mb long and that is a great plus.*
I am actually an engineering consultant for several aerospace machine shops here in the area. I will be sure to include a link to your site on my webpage, as it's a great text editor.
Thank you,
Johnny Sarena

PROduction CAD
85 St Charles Pl
Goleta, CA 93117-1909
Ph 805-562-9943
Fax 805-562-9193
*(We told Johnny that the Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End key combinations will move the insertion point to the beginning and end of the program.)
Seabrook Machine Co.
Good morning

I just received my free upgrade of EditCNC from version 2.8 to version 2.9. Thanks, you have a great product.
Feel free to use any of my correspondence on your web site.

Herman Richards
Seabrook Machine Company
PO Box 188
Sergeantsville, NJ


Hello Harry

We have updated the new version (*see note below) and have the transfer completely tested.
At the Fanuc control there is all right everything now. Perfect.
There still is a tiny problem at the HEIDENHEIN -Control on the MIKRON machine. The HEIDENHEIN-Programs begins with "0 BEGIN PGM ...". But the number zero at first line, however, unfortunately isn't written into the file and is missing therefore. Would you like to correct this still?

Again many thanks for the realization.


Edgar Reuter

P.S.: You are welcome to publish something under our name at your Homepage as a reference.

- Präzisionsteile -
Am Honigberg 18
14943 Luckenwalde
Tel.: +49-3371-620260
Fax.: +-49-3371-620360
*Note: This is the latest is a series of correspondence during which Edgar kindly worked with us to refine ConnectCNC, the optional file transfer component of EditCNC.
The "tiny problem" has been fixed.

Sterling Engineering Corporation

Hi Harry,

You can use my remarks on the website. I just got the confirmation of a PO from you. I have e-mailed the code number to you in a separate mailing.

I have been using Editcnc for a few months now. I do continuous improvement on lathe programs right on the shop floor. I was wondering if you had an I and K formula for circular interpolation for use on a lathe. If you don't is there any chance that you will. (we don't yet)

My supervisor is pleased with the program and his boss is pleased with the increased productivity. We ordered another licence today.

Paul Pixley
PO Box 559, Route 44
Winsted, CT 06098
Tel.: 860-379-3366
Fax.: 860-379-3278

Gosiger Mid-Atlantic

Harry & Loraine,

Just wanted to drop you a line thanking you for your help. I put in the initialization code, and the Connect CNC is now working on my work laptop. It was easy to set-up and use, and in my line of work as an Applications Engineer, that helps me a lot. I had a hard time trying to get Hyperterminal in Windows XP to communicate sucessfully, and that is when a customer showed me your software. After downloading it, and getting it to work easily, my boss approved purchasing it. Many customers of ours always have communication problems, and always blame the machine. Our role is to be able to send a program in and out thru a laptop, and prove that the machine is OK. Your software will now make this easier for me, especially on the current laptop we have with Windows XP.

Chris Young
Gosiger Mid-Atlantic
322 Commerce Drive
Exton PA 19341
610 524-7722

Stanley Bostitch

Thank you for your help. Everything is working fine now. I have grown very accustomed to your software and would not care to go back to using our old DNC software. I especially like how ConnectCNC handles drip feeding without any problems. I used to have to send my file to the CNC machine several times before it would work with our old program. I really enjoy EditCNC and ConnectCNC.

Bob Jones
Stanley Bostitch
2 Briggs Drive
East Greenwich RI 02818
(401) 884-2500 ext35545

Gizmotech, Inc

Thanks SOOO much for your quick reply. Now that is what I call service.
I have entered the code as you directed. Everything is working just fine. I forgot to order the codes before I went on vacation. The licence had expired when I returned.
I appreciate the help and service.

Dave Mitchell
Gizmotech, Inc
19321 63rd Ave NE Suite #3
Arlington, Wa 98223